Sermon video

1 His Way is in the Sanctuary
 2 The Sanctuary's Angels
 3 Death and Life in the Sanctuary
 4 The Incarnation's Seven Secrets
 5 The Lamb of God Slain
 6 Reaping the Sanctuary's Benefits
 7 A People Close to His Heart
 8 The Triangle of Sanctification
 9 The Sanctuary's Two Covenants
10 The Bible's Foundational Prophecy
11 The Chronology of the Judgment
12 The Sanctuary Shall be Cleansed Part 1
13 The Sanctuary Shall be Cleansed Part 2
14 Three Stages of Israel's history
15 The Prophecy of the Seventy Weeks Part 1
16 The Prophecy of the Seventy Weeks Part 2

17 Found! The Ark of the Covenant!
18 The Manna Test
19 Disappointment in the Sanctuary
20 As a Thief in the Night
21 God on Trial
22 The Judgment's Three Stages
23 The Scapegoat and Revelation's Millennium
24 A Monumental Conversion Experience
25 In Antichrist's Temple Part 1
26 In Antichrist's Temple Part 2
27 The Sanctuary's Financial Secrets
28 The Holy and Profane
29 The Two Temples
30 The Sanctuary and the Prophetic Gift
31 Three Inseparable Doctrines
32 Home At Last


 Great apostasies of the Bible - Pr Stephen Bohr   (Secrets Unsealed)

1.- Four steps to ruin (The history of Achan)

2.- Mutiny in the camp, Korah is rebelión

3.- The overmastering delusion

4.- The Holy and the profane

5.- God is antidote for itching ears

6.- The Traitor

7.- The son of perdition

8.- Worship Egyptian style

9.-The Constantine Syndrome

10.- Rebelion is as witchcraft

11.- The final Great apostasy


Defending the truth   - Pr Stephen Bohr  /  Clifford Goldstein

1.- Defendin the Sabbath

2.- Defending the Spirit of Profecy

3.- Defending the state of the dead

4.- Defending the second coming

5.- Defending the Sanctuary


The Bible or Tradition - Pr Stephen Bohr   (Secrets Unsealed)

1.-The eyes of wisdom

2.-The Jewish view of tradition

3.-Tradition v/s Scripture

4.-Jesus and theological conflict

5.-The roman catholic view of tradition I

6.-The roman catholic view of tradition II

7.-Sabbath controversies and tradition

8.-Sunday is shaky foundation

9.-The acid test

10.-Word of god or traditions of man


Anchor School of teology   - Pr Stephen Bohr  (Secrets Unsealed)

30 sermons on prophetic studies of Daniel and Revelation


3 angels in Daniel  - Pr Daniel Mesa (Secrets Unsealed)

1.-Fear God and give glory to him

2.-The hour of his judgement has come

3.-Worship him that made

4.-Babylon is fallen

5.-Is fallen because of the wine..

6.- If any man worship



Analysis on the ordination of women to pastoral ministry - (3ABN)











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